Medico-Legal Reports

Total Access conducts detailed and objective assessments to determine the impact of a spinal cord injury on a person’s life roles, including work, self care, leisure and family commitments.  Our extensive reports provide:

  • Clear and concise Executive Summary
  • Comment on:
    • Injuries sustained as the result of the accident
    • Current and ongoing disability and restrictions
    • Current and ongoing medical and rehabilitation treatment
    • Current care received (gratuitous and commercial)
  • Recommendations regarding:
    • The client’s current medical and rehabilitation treatment needs
    • The client’s future medical and rehabilitation treatment needs
    • Future needs for :
        • Care
        • Specialised equipment
        • Purpose built accommodation
        • Modified vehicle and transport costs
        • Therapy and professional services

  • Report revision, should any future, new and relevant information become available

As the result of our years of specialised clinical practice in both the public and private sector, we are able to provide qualified expert witness testimonies.

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